How do I install iTunes on Linux Mint?


  1. Install current Wine version (2.0.1) directly from the winehq repository. …
  2. Create a new 32 bit wineprefix (if you are doing this on a 64 bit system) and set windows version. …
  3. Download the newest winetricks. …
  4. Install gdiplus library using winetricks. …
  5. Download iTunes Version 12.1. …
  6. Start it.

Can you install iTunes on Linux?

You can install and setup iTunes on Linux pretty easily! iTunes is a media player and the client app for the iTunes Store, owned and developed by Apple Inc. It can be used for playing, downloading, and organizing your media files and also sync them to other devices.

How do I download iTunes on Linux?

Installing iTunes on Ubuntu

  1. Step 1: Download iTunes. To install iTunes, go to the downloads folder, and then double click the downloaded file. …
  2. Step 2: Start iTunes Installer. …
  3. Step3: iTunes setup. …
  4. Step4: iTunes Installation completed. …
  5. Step 5: Accept license agreement. …
  6. Step 6: Start iTunes on Linux. …
  7. Step 7: Sign-in.

How do I manually install iTunes?

Download iTunes from Apple’s website, then click Download to download the iTunes installer. When prompted, click Save (instead of Run). If you have Windows 10, you can get the latest version of iTunes from the Microsoft Store.

Can I use iTunes on Linux Mint?

You cannot because there is no such thing as iTunes for Linux Mint 19. You could use WINE to run the Windows version of iTunes though.

How do I download iTunes on Linux Chromebook?

Install iTunes Library on Chromebook through Wine and Linux VMs

  1. Install Linux on your Chromebook. …
  2. In your Linux installation, install PlayOnLinux (or Wine)
  3. Open the PlayOnLinux app.
  4. Click install and search for iTunes.
  5. Select the iTunes version.

Is Ubuntu a free software?

Open source
Ubuntu has always been free to download, use and share. We believe in the power of open source software; Ubuntu could not exist without its worldwide community of voluntary developers.

Where do I download iTunes?

If you don’t have iTunes installed on your computer, download iTunes from the Microsoft Store (Windows 10). You can also download the latest version of iTunes from Apple’s website.

Can I run iTunes on Raspberry Pi?

And iTunes is closed source, and only runs on intel CPU (x86) based systems (Windows and Mac OS X). Because it’s closed source and cannot be converted to work with Linux, not to run on any ARM based system. In other words, you can’t directly play Apple Music on Raspberry Pi.

How do I backup my iPhone on Linux?

1 Answer. Yes, you can use the libimobiledevice project to backup your iPhone. However, most Linux distributions have it available in their package managers for easy installation. where myfolder is a path to a folder, where you want to store the backup.

How do I download Wine on Ubuntu?

How to Install Wine on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

  1. Check installed architectures. Verify 64-bit architecture.
  2. Add the WineHQ Ubuntu repository. Get and install the repository key. …
  3. Install Wine. The next command will install Wine Stable.
  4. Verify the installation succeeded. $ wine –version.

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