How do I fix the print spooler in Windows 10?

What to do if Print Spooler Keeps Stopping on windows 10

  1. Run the printer troubleshooter.
  2. Make sure print spooler service is set to automatic.
  3. Delete Print Spooler files.
  4. Restart the print spooler service.
  5. Uninstall other (unnecessary) printers.
  6. Uninstall and reinstall the printer drivers (from the manufacturer website).

How do I reinstall the print spooler service?


  1. Click Start, click Run, type “Services. …
  2. Double-click “Printer Spooler” in the Services list.
  3. Click Stop and click OK.
  4. Click Start, click Run, type “%WINDIR%system32spoolprinters” in the open window, and delete all files in this folder.
  5. Click Start, click Run, type “Services.

How do I fix the print spooler in Windows?

Fix for “The print spooler service is not running” Error in…

  1. Press “Window key” + “R” to open the Run dialog.
  2. Type “services. msc“, then select “OK“.
  3. Double-click the “Printer Spooler” service, and then change the startup type to “Automatic“. …
  4. Restart the computer and try to install the printer again.

How do I reset my printer spooler?

Android Spooler: How to Fix

  1. Tap the settings icon on your Android device and select the Apps or Applications button.
  2. Select ‘Show System Apps’ in this section.
  3. Scroll down this section and select ‘Print Spooler’. …
  4. Press both Clear Cache and Clear Data.
  5. Open the document or image you want to print.

How do I fix a print queue issue?

Fix 1: Clear the print queue

  1. On your keyboard, press the Windows logo key + R at the same time to open the Run box.
  2. In the Run window, type services. …
  3. Scroll down to Print Spooler.
  4. Right click Print Spooler and select Stop.
  5. Navigate to C:WindowsSystem32spoolPRINTERS and delete all files in the folder.

How do I speed up the print spooler in Windows 10?

The first thing to do would be a fresh restart of the computer and see if that helps at all. You could also uninstall your printer driver, restart then reinstall it with the latest driver available. Try check the manufacturer’s website for printer and make sure install the latest driver for the printer.

What is Spooler service error?

The print spooler helps your Windows computer interact with the printer, and orders the print jobs in your queue. If you see any error message about the print spooler, this tool has been corrupted or is failing to interact correctly with other software.

How do I start the print spooler service?

How To Restart the Print Spooler Service on a Windows OS

  1. Open the Start Menu.
  2. Type services. …
  3. Scroll down and select the Print Spooler Service.
  4. Right click on the Print Spooler service and select Stop.
  5. Wait for 30 seconds for the service to stop.
  6. Right click on the Print Spooler service and select Start.

Do I need print spooler?

Print Spooler is a Windows service enabled by default in all Windows clients and servers. … The Print Spooler service is required when a computer is physically connected to a printer that provides printing services to additional computers on the network.

How do I bypass print spooler?

Click on the [Details] tab, then select [Spool Settings]. The Spool Settings window will be displayed. Click on the [Print directly to the printer] radio button. Click [OK] twice to close the Spool Settings and Properties windows.

How do I restart the print spooler from the command line?

In some case restarting or clearing the Print Spooler may resolve these issues.

  1. Click the Start button and select Run. …
  2. In the Command Prompt type, net stop spooler, then press Enter to Stop the Print Spooler.
  3. In the Command Prompt type, net start spooler, then press Enter to Start the Print Spooler.

Why is my printer spooling and not printing?

Your files and your Windows installation can sometimes get corrupted, and that can cause issues with printing. If you have problems with printing stuck on spooling, you might be able to fix them simply by performing an SFC scan. SFC scan will scan your PC for any corrupted files and try to fix them.

How do I restart the print spooler on my HP printer?

Step 1: Delete job files and restart the print spooler

  1. Turn off the printer using the power button.
  2. Search Windows for run, and click the Run Windows application in the list of results.
  3. Type services. …
  4. Right-click Print Spooler and select Stop.

Why is my printer spooling?

Printer spooling enables you to send large document files or a series of them to a printer, without needing to wait until the current task is finished. Think of it as a buffer or cache. It’s a place that your documents can “line up” and get ready to be printed after a previous printing task is completed.

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