How to Make Folders iPhone

iPhone is an excellent phone and it has a very stable operating system. But after installing many applications, your phone may be confusing for you. You may want to group them and organize with folders.

How to Make Folders iPhone?

1- First of all, you need to have an app icon at homepage of your mobile screen to make folders at iPhone.

2- Select any app you want to place in the folder, long press on it. Then a pop-up will appear. Choose add to home screen.

3- Now long-press the app on your home screen, another pop-up will appear. Wait till it disappearrs.

4- Now you will see app icons jiggle, now drag the app icon on top of a second app icon to make folders with them. iOS will automatically create a folder and name it as you will see.

5- You can edit the label of it and make your folder personalized.

How to Make Folders iPhone

It’s that easy, you can do the same steps until you organize your home screen with folders as you wish.