Typical office assistant courses include keyboarding, business math, spreadsheets, word/information processing and office systems management.

What subjects do I need to study office administration?

ICB Office Administration Course Subjects

  • Business and Office Administration 1.
  • Bookkeeping to Trial Balance.
  • Business Literacy.
  • Marketing Management and Public Relations.
  • Business Law and.
  • Administrative Practice.
  • Cost and Management Accounting.
  • Business and Office Administration 2.

How many subjects are there in office administration?

Which subjects make up a National Certificate (Office Administration)? In order to obtain a National Certificate (Office Administration), a student is required to take a total of 7 subjects. These include 3 fundamental subjects and 4 vocational subjects.

Is office administrator a good job?

The administrative professional’s role also creates great opportunities to build a professional network, learn the ins and outs of an industry, and develop practical skills — from effective business writing to Excel macros — that can serve you throughout your career.

What is an administrator salary?

Senior Systems Administrator

… ople of NSW. This is a Grade 9 position with a remuneration $135,898 – $152,204. Joining Transport for NSW, you’ll have access to a range … $135,898 – $152,204.

Is office administration a good course?

Do I recommend studying Office Administration: Yes, there’s a lot of employment opportunities in this course and also you can use this course in establishing or expanding your own business. The salary level is also good. Advice to people who are thinking of studying this course: Just do your best in taking this course.

Where can I work if I study office administration?

Here are a few career options in office administration:

  • Office manager. An office manager is responsible for a diverse set of administrative tasks. …
  • Personal assistant. …
  • Receptionist. …
  • Legal secretary. …
  • Medical secretary.

Which course is best for office administration?

Here are the top office manager training courses we recommend.

  1. Office Management and Administration Course by Cambridge College. …
  2. Office Manager Diploma by Pittman Training. …
  3. Office Administration Course by 1 Training. …
  4. Administration and Secretarial Courses. …
  5. Office Management 101 course. …
  6. Manage Virtual Teams.

Does Office Administration have board exam?

The BS in Office Administration does not have a board examination. However, graduates may opt to take the Civil Service Examination (CSE) conducted by the Philippine Civil Service Commission (PCSC) to qualify in working in government offices.

What is the role of office administrator?

An Office Administrator, or Office Manager, completes clerical and administrative tasks for an office. Their main duties include welcoming and directing visitors, coordinating meetings and appointments and performing clerical tasks, like answering phones and responding to emails.

What is Higher Certificate in Office Administration?

Overview. This qualification is an entry level qualification which is vocational and industry orientated. It encapsulates introductory knowledge in the areas of general business administration within an office environment and will prepare the successful graduate for a position in the general business environment.

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